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Michael "Mikey" Friedman founded Mikey's Way Foundation in December 2005.  He had been going through his own diagnosis and treatment for a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.  Early in his treatment, he realized that while the doctors were doing everything they could to help him physically, the long hours of treatment were taking a toll on him emotionally.  He understood the more he was able to distract himself the better he tolerated the side effects of chemotherapy.  The more research he did about this, the more he understood how significant the Mind-Body connection could be in terms of the healing process. 

As a result of his many months spent in the hospital, Mikey was able to experience for himself the healing power of the Mind-Body connection.  He also understood that not much was being done for children in this area of medicine.

So, when the Make-A-Wish foundation approached Mkey to grant him a "wish", he know exactly what he wanted to do.  He wanted a shopping spree, but not for himself!  Instead he loaded up as many carts as he could with an array of interesting, interactive and educational electronics.  He took them down to his local children's hospital and while circling the pediatric floors, meeting with the children and their parents, gave everything away.  From this singualr unselfish act, Mikey's Way Foundation was born.  

Mikey passed away in October 2008 at the age of 19.  He experienced the power of his foundation through the 17 Mikey's Way Days he was able to attend.  

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Our mission at Mikey's Way Foundation is to enrich the lives of children with cancer and other life threatening conditions.

The Foundation strives to help children face the emotional and physical hardships of long term debilitating treatment. 

Mikey's Way Foundation has helped over 5,000 children since 2005.

Mikey's Way Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity